Architectural Services

Full-Scope Project Management

Phidias Neo-Classical provides you with far more than a typical stonemason. Our services encompass the full scope of any project, from inception to completion. For example, on many projects we operate as main contractor, designer, manufacturer and builder.

We work with our clients to provide you with the stone, marble or granite works of art of your dreams. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an important element in creating exactly what you have commissioned, as the CAD drawings and models enable you to see the reality of the finished project before the first piece of stone has even been cut. In addition, the 3D CAD model will be passed on to our computer guided CNC stone cutting and stone preparation machines where the data within the CAD drawings will be used by the machines to cut the stone to the desired shape with millimetre-perfect precision.

Architectural Services For Restoration

Phidias's architectural services are not only used for new commissions for buildings, sculptures. They are also a crucial part of any restoration project. Historic buildings in need of restoration will more often than not have stonework which needs to be replaced, but where the new stone has to be cut to the exact same shape as the original.

We take moulds of good sections of stone and feed these measurements into the CAD system to create a 3D model. The 3D model then allows our stone cutting machines to cut the stone to the exact dimensions and curvature of the original stone.

Phidias are able to advise and guide both the owners of a building or sculpture, as well as the project's architect, on any aspect needed during the design phase of a stonework project.

Architectural Services Available

  • CAD drawings
  • Architectural advice
  • Design