Bespoke Sculpting

Bespoke Stonework Commissions

Bespoke Commissions in Stone, Marble or Granite

Bespoke commissions in stone, marble or granite are something Phidias excel in.

Bespoke designs can be commissioned in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a marble side-table, a granite bathroom or kitchen, a sculpture, a pavilion for your garden, or even a whole stone-built house, Phidias are able to and will be delighted to help you bring the bespoke commission to life.

From Drawing Board To Completion

Unlike many stonemasons, Phidias are able to provide you with all of the necessary services in-house. From the initial design process, to the stone production, to the hand carving, to the final installation, Phidias offers a full main contractor service, which helps keep tight control of the project in all phases. This will help reduce your costs by not necessarily needing the services of other professionals or contractors.

Sculptures & Stonemasonry

Phidias Neo-Classical welcome enquiries for all types of bespoke commissions. From structural features to traditional fine sculpting, we can provide you with the work in stone, marble or granite that you want. Examples of recent commissions are:

  • Fireplaces
  • Busts
  • Statues
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Columns and Porticos
  • Whole houses
Church Stonemasonry Repairs


Churches require very different stonemason's skills, depending upon the area being worked upon. Within the church building the stonemason is faced with many different types of stonemasonry:

    • Stone floors
    • Fine-carving of marble for monuments, memorials, reredos and other areas of the church.
    • Repairing damage to pillars or columns.
    • Repairing roof vaulting.

    Phidias is specialised in all disciplines of stonemasonry, with at least one stonemason who is a master in each type of work. You can be assured that only the highest quality of work will be the end result you receive on your church restoration project.