About Phidias Neo-Classical

Phidias Neo-Classical is very much a family business of Stonemasons based in Bristol. We have a long tradition as Stone Cutters, Stonemasons and Sculptors over many generations. Today three generations of the Dring family are still represented in the business.

In fact, our historic family name “Dreng” is noted in the Records of Durham Priory under the reign of King Henry “The Builders of Churches”, 1154 – 1189 uncanny really…. It seems a twist of fate that after all these centuries we are still following in the footsteps of our ancestors!

Although we are very traditional in our approach, we have kept up with the pace of modern times, using the most high-tech machinery available, which is then complimented with our traditional, tried-and-tested techniques and skills.

We deliver projects from the most extravagant to more minimalist styles and pride ourselves on having worked on some of the most prestigious buildings of the past and present.

Based in Bristol, Phidias is ideally placed to provide traditional stone, marble and granite masonry and sculpture services to any part of the United Kingdom, including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

We also work within Europe and certain country's within the rest of the world where are skills and expertise are required. These can be on a supply only or a supply and fix basis.

Trevor Dring


We are able carry out contracts on a sub-contractor to private client basis, sub-contractor to an independent main contractor or as a the main contractor where the stone works are the majority of the works to be carried out.

Phidias Neo Classical Ltd can assist you with your project from initial concept to completion, including:

  • Design
  • CAD drawings
  • Stone, marble or granite choice
  • Fixing detailing and fixings including:-
    • Stone, marble and granite restoration
    • Specialist stone, marble and granite  cleaning.

Put your trust in Phidias and allow us to work with you or your agents to deliver your project to a very high standard, within budget constraints and programme.


Why The Name Phidias?

Phidias was chosen as the core component of the company's name, because Phidias was one of the Ancient World's most renown sculptors. Despite numerous eclectic works, Phidias is best known for two masterpieces:

  • Phidias's colossal statue of the King of the Greek Gods, Zeus in The Temple of Zeus at Olympia, which is recognised as one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Phidias's statue of the goddess Athena in the Parthenon in Athens.

Phidias's works were mainly to be found at Olympia and at the Parthenon in Athens.

Phidias and The Golden Ratio

Phidias was an acclaimed sculptor and stonemason who worked to the so-called Golden Ratio.  The Golden Ratio is seen as the perfect architectural ratio and Phidias was recognised to have extensively used it in his works, so much so that the Golden Ratio is represented by the Greek letter "Phi" (φ) - after the first Greek letter of Phidias's name. The Golden Ratio equates to approximately 1.618 and has special mathematical properties.

Much of Phidias Neo-Classical's work also follows the standards set by the ancient Greek, Phidias. We strive to provide as near as perfection as is possible in all our work and have taken Phidias as our lead to continue his example of excellence in the modern world.