A Marble Geometric Swirl Floor By Phidias Neo-Classical of Bristol


Traditional & Contemporary Stone Floors

Stone floors are both traditional and practical. They have been used for centuries in different ways - to provide hard-wearing surfaces suitable for the working area of a house, through to highly decorative floors, at the top end of the spectrum, to show off the owner's wealth and status. We also create external stone floors, using the stone of your choice, for paths or driveways.

Phidias works with many different types of stone to create the result which our clients want. We work closely with all of our clients to create and perfect the designs of the stone floors to be created, before using our years of skill to carefully cut each piece of stone to the correct size, so that every segment of stone fits perfectly with its neighbours.

Services Available

  • The design and creation of floors in marble, granite or stone
  • The creation of stone floors with specific patterns or inset motif
  • The design and creation of external paths using slabs or blocks of stone to enhance your garden's appearance
  • The design and laying of driveways using high quality stone