Stone Production

Phidias uses state-of-the-art, as well as traditional, methods when preparing stone, marble and granite. The sections of stone are sourced carefully from quarries around the world - in Greece, Turkey, Italy, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. The stone is chosen to provide the required grain and colour to suit the project in hand.

Upon arrival in Bristol, the stone is worked using different processes, depending upon the end use of the stone.

CAD & CNC Machinery

All of our stone production machinery is computer-controlled to allow the stone to be cut to the precise dimensions required. This shape may be the exact shape for a piece of masonry, or the rough cut for a piece of fine sculpture which will go on to be carved by hand by our master masons.

Our machinery runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

Phidias has the full capability to model designs using the latest versions of CAD software. The designs are used both to provide the blueprint for a project, as well as providing accurate data for the stone production machinery.

Capacities & Capabilities

Phidias are one of the very few stone manufacturers and stone production specialists in the United Kingdom who have the ability to shape very large pieces of stone to complete a complex design. We have 2 CNC wire saws. One large and one medium. These wire saws are capable of profiling any shape or design, no matter how complex they are as long as they are within the dimensional parameters they work within.

Large Wire Saw

Maximum dimensions to work with:
3m long x 1.550 high

Medium Wire Saw

Maximum dimensions to work with:
2m long x 1.200 high