Bespoke Stonework Commissions

Phidias Neo-Classical are master stonemasons based in Bristol and we specialise in bespoke stonework commissions. Bespoke stonework commissions range enormously in style and scope. From entire buildings, floors, swimming pools and garden stonework through to fireplaces, sculptures and carvings, we are able to undertake your bespoke stone commission.

This gallery shows a number of the recent bespoke commissions we have completed for our clients. Many of the images on other pages are also bespoke commissions. When commissioning bespoke stonework, you may already have precise designs for us to work to. However, you may also need help to design an idea you have. Phidias Neo-Classical are able to help you design your bespoke commissions, using a combination of our years of experience, as well as CAD design software, which will let you envisage the end result of your commission before any stone cutting has even begun.