The classical art of sculpting is a specialism of Phidias Neo-Classical. Our sculptors work in our Bristol stone workshop to create incredible stone sculptures. The greatest of care is taken when preparing and then carving each sculpture. Each sculpture commission is presented to the client for approval as either a 3D CAD model, or a drawing. Once approved, the chosen block of stone or marble will be prepared on our state-of-the-art saws and machinery. The stone will be cut to a rough shape.

Once we have the rough shape of the sculpture, the master stonemason will use hand tools, which even the ancient Greeks would recognise! The stonemason chisels and taps out the fine details, completing the sculpture. Much time and effort goes into each sculpture, but the results are well worthwhile.

This gallery shows you a range of bespoke sculptures in stone and marble, which have been completed by Phidias Neo-Classical in Bristol.