Stone Production

Phidias Neo-Classical has its stone production workshop in Bristol. Phidias is one of the most advanced stone production companies in the UK. We are able to cut and form stone to dimensions which are generally only possible on the Continent. Our equipment includes large CNC wire saws capable of cutting stone upto 3m by 1.55m.

Using CAD design, we are able to cut stone using the CNC wire saws to precise tolerances. For fine sculptures, the raw cutting of the stone is done by machine to get the correct shape and is then finished off by hand, using techniques which would be familiar to the ancient Greek master sculptor, Phidias.

This gallery shows you different stonework in production in our Bristol stone production workshop. From vast blocks of stone down being cut to marble basins being routed out or balusters being prepared, you can see Phidias Neo-Classical's capabilities in cutting and producing stone.